Starring South Indian superstar, Allu Arjun, this short film is yet another eye opener, this Independence Day. The video titled, “I Am That Change” is a great initiative that is going to leave you thinking about the country and our contribution to it everyday.

We as humans are used to cribbing about everything that we don’t get quite easily. Everyday, we talk about all that our country has been incapable of giving us. We talk about country’s population explosion, pollution, poverty, unemployment and things we think we have been suffering all these years. But what has been our contribution for the development of the nation all these years? Littering garbage, breaking traffic signals, bribing officials and thus making a fun of ourselves in front of the rest of the world.

Watching this video would make you realise how we used our little power to outgo things. Produced by Allu Arjun and directed by Sukumar, this video sums up what Indians did as they thought it was right for them to do it. Watching the video would make you understand why firstly becoming a change ourselves is essential for the country than wanting the country to change all of a sudden. After all it is our deeds that make the country.

Watch this video to find out why you should be the change!