Idea Cellular has been known to release creative ads ad they have come out with a spoof of the way the National Anthem is sung with a star cast standing in an orderly fashion which we get to see before watching a movie in a multiplex. The singers , all wearing white, are all common people in a way to represent the diversity of our country are supported by live music and a conductor who pretends to guide the notes for the singers.

The ad continues the ‘No Ullu Banoing’ campaign by providing Internet facilities to everyone at nominal rates so that people can check facts, rules and everything that they may need information on with their phone and be self aware. The whole theme is similar to the live band singing competition with colloquial words like pungi, chuna and dhongi to appeal to a wider audience.

What stands out and supports our theory that the whole set up is a spoof is the focus on a female singer about midway who looks surprisingly like a Lata Mangeshkar doppelganger. The last sequence is very symbolic of internet illuminating the dark with the light of knowledge.

Check out the No Ullu Banaoing anthem here.