Iggy Azalea turns 24: Check out the rising star’s top 3 songs, and try not to LOVE them!

Iggy Azalea is one tough girl. Born all the way in Australia, she grew up in poor circumstances. She moved to the US when she was just 16, and then immediately rose to fame. Now she is a world-class rapper, and on her birthday today, we take a look at her three best songs ever. Enjoy.


3.  “Black Widow” (featuring Rita Ora)

The song basically talks about a failed relationship, and how the girl plans to take revenge in the style of the black widow spider. The song is minimalistic – a change from Iggy’s usual style, but it is very dark. It makes a strong point with her rap. She manages to stay the focus of the song, even as Rita Ora kills it in the chorus.


2. “Change Your Life” (featuring T.I.)

This song is extremely driven by the amazing bass sound in the background. Her pounding vocals only enhance the song’s message. Also, the video is very glamourous, with Iggy living the fancy life. T.I. makes the song better with his rapper, and of course, Iggy shines when she has to shine. Something that should be noted here, is that she sang in this track for the first time in her career.


1.  “Work”

This song was what Iggy started with – her first song ever. It spoke of her past life as a domestic worker, before she moved to Miami to start a new life. The song’s lyrics are quite powerful, and her delivery is equally bang-on. From the video, it is quite clear that her dance moves are groovy, and she packs a punch. The tone of the song is dark, and yet the chorus is undeniably catchy. She’ll have you saying “Work, work, work, work, work…” in no time.