Doesn’t getting paid well for hard toil feel good? A 94-year-old grandmother who has been working at a McDonald’s outlet for over 44 years got the deeds of her hard work. The old woman got her reward in an amazing cake party by the fast food chain. She was awarded for her relentless service that came as a huge surprise to her.

Loraine Maurer has been working as a cashier at Evansville in Indiana, the United States at different outlets since 1973. In fact it was the work that helped her cope with life after her husband passed away in 1980. She also developed a cordial relation with the customers over the years leading to a friendly working environment. As per reports, she enjoys working even today. Maurer knows customers so well that sometimes she keeps the order ready for them before they come in. McDonald’s store owner-operator Katie Kenworthy is also all praised for her work. Katie said that Maurer has an “amazing” memory.

Maurer has spent time at a number of Evansville-area locations and currently works for the one on North Green River Road as it is close to her home. She currently works for the breakfast shift on Friday and Saturday mornings. She has to be at work. She reaches work by 5 am for which she wakes up at 3 am. Customers say Maurer knows them so well that she sometimes has their orders ready for them before they even walk in the door. McDonald’s store owner-operator Katie Kenworthy said Maurer has an ‘amazing’ memory. Hilarious! Americans react to Indian McDonalds’ food

Recently Chip who is also the owner along with Katie threw a party with a specially made cake for her. A Fox report quoted Chip as saying, “After all these years, she remains committed to serving her customers with one of the most delightful smiles around. Loraine has a loyal following of customers and they look forward to having her take their orders when visiting McDonald.” (Image Credits- Ariana Twitter)