If anyone expected anything short of a thrilling, nerve wrecking Asia Cup encounter between the two teams then they’re just pessimistic in life. Yeah it did seem at a point that the match might get over before the 40th over looking at the way the Pakistani openers started the chase. But the Indian spinners fought back in tremendous fashion and pushed the match till the last over. Ultimately boom boom Shahid Afridi showed just why he is rated so highly by everyone around the world and sealed the deal for Pakistan in a thrilling last over finish. This Asia Cup match had a lot in store for the spectators in terms of entertainment. Here we take a look at the things we learnt from this famous encounter.

1- There is nothing bigger and better than an India-Pakistan match in terms of excitement, thrill and entertainment. There is not a better ambassador to the game of cricket than these across the border ties

2- Saeed Ajmal is indeed the best limited over bowler in the world. The way he bowled in the death overs giving away just a single in the second last over proved to be that difference that might just have cost India the match.

3- Umar Akmal and Rohit Sharma seem to be from the same families who might have been separated during the partition. Both of these players get starts and then throw away their wickets when it matters the most. They might be the most talented batsmen in the world but the way they go about their innings is very immature. They fail to learn from the mistakes that they’ve been making on a regular basis now.

4- Amit Mishra might just be the best spinner in India right now. He seems to have learnt from the mistakes he made in the past and have a couple of very good variations in his bag. What we saw today was an amazing display of leg spin bowling not seen in a long time.

5- The inexperience of the Indian middle order cost India the match. If the middle order had one experienced player who would just take the innings to the last 10 overs and then launched an attack India might just have scored 20-30 runs more even after the bad start. This difference of 20 odd runs ultimately cost India the match.

6- Shahid Afridi saves his best for the Indians. In the past 6 months you didn’t see Afridi bat with such intent and purpose as he did today. He gave his all to the shots he hit and even after miscuing all the three maximums it was just his sheer effort and power that carried the balls to the fence.

7- Virat Kohli is definitely the future prospect as the Indian captain. The way this man handled the pressure and managed his bowlers was amazing. He knew exactly what he was doing and one has to say that if luck was in his favor he would have ended up on the winning side.

Even though India might have lost the match but they would be very happy with the way this young team is doing their job. Pakistan now sits on the top of the table after this victory over the Indians while the Indians stay at the 3rd position. Now all that India could hope is to beat Afghanistan emphatically and expect Bangladesh to beat Pakistan with a good margin.

All in all this game turned out to be the thriller that all the cricket fans in both countries were hoping to see. Pakistan ultimately won the match by 1 wicket but right until the last shot crossed the boundary line you couldn’t say that which team was going to win this match and that’s what India – Pakistan games are all about.