Young_woman_sitting_in_th_008An Indian-origin man in Singapore has been jailed for 12 weeks for hitting his wife with a motorcycle exhaust pipe, breaking her collarbone and left finger after he suspected she had an affair with someone.

Inderjit Singh, 36, Thursday admitted to hitting Amrita Dubey, 26, with a 50-cm long pipe twice at his home in Woodlands July 27, 2012, the Straits Times reported.

Singh was also fined S$2,000 (about $1,500) for using abusive words for a police sergeant Jan 2 this year. A district court heard that Singh returned home drunk around 1 a.m. July 27, 2012, and woke his wife up. He asked for her mobile phone, but Amrita refused to give it to him.

Singh scolded her and kept asking Amrita who she was having an affair with, but she persistently denied having an affair, the court heard. Singh admitted that after a heated argument, he beat his wife with the motorcycle exhaust pipe.