The viral video that involved twenty strangers kissing went viral. Millions across the world saw the video which later turned out to be a campaign for a brand which took something from its essence as a beautiful piece of art.

Nevertheless, the video has inspired a range of adaptations and parodies. And now, India has officially joined that list.

A group called ‘Torture Talkies’ has released a video on the Indian version of the video, where they too, asked twenty strangers to kiss. It’s not just any strangers kissing – these are Indians in India. So with all the controversy around a kiss, there was bound to be more action than just that.

While the original video was awkwardly cute and had a happy ending, this one is more comical. It explains what happens when two strangers are to kiss, in an Indian context. The parody video begins with the same words as the original: “We asked 20 strangers to kiss” and then cuts to a clip of people dancing on the road, celebrating. Then the words on the screen read: “I said only 20.” Well, that could not have been more true.

The infamous Khap Panchayats are also shown here, where a gagged couple is being told that the youth should not kiss. The video ends with the famous 60s to 80s kissing in Bollywood. How culturally appropriate, isn’t it? Now everybody’s happy.

The satirical video is a must-watch, and it highlights the discomfort of the Indian mentality when it comes to a kiss.

Watch it here and do let us know in the comments section below if you think kissing in India is still a big thing.