As kids, we all were a little stupid having messed up ideas about things in life and how they work. A niche survey asked degree college students about their fads in life and these were the results that popped up.

Sex and Children: Everyone had messed up concepts about how they were born. Some thought once you get married you automatically become pregnant as God would bless the coupls with a child. Some thought sex was just taking off your clothes and putting them back on (clearly influenced by Indian TV Serials) Some even went beyond normal imagination and believed that girls were born out of woman and boys out of men.

Magic: No one will disagree that at one point, we all believed in magic at one point or the other. Some thought they could walk on the clouds. Some thought they could snap their fingers and create magic (courtesy: wizards of waverly place, shararat, shaktiman and all those magic related serials out there) To be fair, most of us even actually believed in Santa Claus till we noticed our parents sliding gifts into a Santa sock.

Theories Behind Drugs: The funniest misconception received was that cigarettes were made up of rotten kadi patta (Curry Leaves) and hence they were dangerous.

Other Bizzare Facts: Some thought the moon followed their car as it seemed to always be even when they shut their eyes and opened it again. While others actually believed in the concepts of people becoming stars when they die.

Clearly we have come a long way. Looking at these misconception can just crack anyone up and be a great topic to chat on when you meet your meet your friends over a cup of coffee.