The internet was designed mainly for the military but when it was decided to be made open for the world, the idea was to make people smarter and make a technology revolution that would be a boon for human development. But, sadly the exact opposite is what has happened with the world.

Oh you think you are not falling in the trap set by the think tanks to drain your IQ away to not question the simple things that are happening to slowly make you dull then listen up, YOU ARE WRONG. Read on to find how you are not the only one losing your mind because of internet fixation.

Internet is influencing your thoughts

The freakiest thing that you can know is happening to you is you and everybody spending hours on the internet is that we are becoming gullible to what we read online and following patterns that we see online. It is actually causing a physical deformation of the brain.

Internet exposure causes depression

As long as the Internet has been around, there has been a high correlation between number of hours spent logged on and greater feelings of sadness and isolation. Even though the Internet in theory makes it easier for us to connect with others, it really just ends up making us feel depressed and alone because we aren’t really spending time with people.

Facebook is making us envy people more than ever before

The worst place to be online is undoubtedly Facebook because even having the  the website on in a tab will make you want to check your news feed, wasting time and worse, looking at disproportionate posts of life and all the YOLO posts are just pissing people off.

More chat friends increases stress

Conventinally, 90s kids will remember what it used to be standing near your friends house yelling their names out to call them down to have a game of football or cricket in the ground, go cycling and make plans to visit the nearby hillock for a day of trekking but now with the number of chats and the even higher number of chat clients, keeping up with friends is more of a stressful event than a stress buster.

Attention span is going down but what it has come to now is insane

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder  is not any more just a genetic disease or something that happens to other people. it may not be clinically diagnosed in internet mongers but a part of it visible in all who use the internet way too much, which is most of us.

Encyclopedias have gone out, just Google it

Google has not only become a means of accessing any and all information at the swap and click away. But what ever happened to information retention in our brains. Do you find it difficult to remember the notes or the theories you studied in school or college? This is to blame.