Apple is surely genius at what they do. Their latest software updates to their new phone release in the market, everything becomes a global discussion. Yesterday at Apple Event, the company’s CEO Tim Cook unveiled the latest addition to the iPhone series. Yes! iPhone 7 is here and it has stirred buzz all around.  Unless you have been living under rock, you must have heard that iPhone 7 has no 3.5 mm headphone jack. Instead, the Apple smartphone sports lightning connector only, to connect headphones.

Apple has also introduced AirPods, wireless headphones to connect with your iPhone. AirPods has grabbed everyone’s attention for obvious reasons that they are sick expensive. Everyone’s has lost their shit over the prices of AirPods, as if death of 3.5 mm headphones jack was not enough. #AppleEvent was trending worldwide, again a genius marketing strategy by Apple. (ALSO READ: Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Complete Features and Specifications)

And, Twitter being a never-ending source of funny digs, this time again it is filled with hilarious tweets on Apple Event, iPhone 7 and AirPods.

Let the laugh riot begin!