IPL 2018’s yesterday’s game at Chepauk stadium in Chennai between Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings was a delight to watch because till the last over, the game was in favor of KKR. There was a lot of excitement and curiosity to who will win the game. CSK won the toss and chose to bowl first. KKR had set a good score of 203 runs and Chennai emerged victorious with 1 ball to spare. Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja finished the game in a dramatic style by pulling off a total of 17 runs in the last over.

Cricket fans are praising Chennai for having a match with twists and turns but the major twist was brought by the Kolkata pacer Vinay Kumar. Kumar began with a no-ball full toss that was cracked into the stands of Dwayne Bravo. It was followed by three runs before he bowled a wide which made the equation come down to four of two and went in favor of Jadeja. In the last over, Kumar ended up giving away 19 runs.

Twitterati did not spare a moment to troll the pacer after the special Vinay Kumar over. After all, the trolling in twitter, Vinay Kumar took a stand for himself and wrote on Twitter, “Hey guys take it easy, it’s just a game. Where were you all when I defended 9 runs against RCB and 10 runs against Mumbai Indians!! Sometimes things do go wrong so CHILL….”

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To his tweet, people replied by trolling him more.

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Vinay Kumar had a strange IPL 2018 journey so far. In the game against Bangalore, Kumar began with giving away 14 runs in his first over and 16 runs in his final over. Similarly, in the game against Chennai, he was hammered by Shane Watson by giving away 16 runs and the last over was unforgettable.