Pole dancing is not just a workout but also great dance form to improve your mental health and physical health. You may begin your training with simple steps like the wrap around move and then progress to how to do the basic climb. The other steps include the fireman move and transitional move.




  • Pole dancing induces weight loss owing to intense fat burning exercises. You approximately burn 250 calories in one session.


  • Pole dancing helps toningof different muscle groups and helps to build lean muscles.


  • Pole dancing also improves flexibility and reduces stiffness, thereby reducing the risk of muscle pull or injury. It also improves balance.


  • Pole dancing brings boosts your confidence. If you have low self-esteem, try pole dancing.


  • This form of dance improves posture. Hence it is beneficial for those who have a desk job.


  • Pole dancing improves your mood and reduces stress as it secretes Happy Hormones such as endorphins in your body that give a high and energy to do things in life.


Dressing Appropriately for Pole Dancing


One must wear a sports bra and shorts or clothes that reveal the arms and legs. Avoid applying lotion or cream before the session. It is a also a must to do stretching before your get on the pole.


The only known pole dancing instructors in India are LavinaKhanna, Pulse, Mumbai and ShipaRane, Dare and Bare studio, Mumbai. In India, Pole dancing is rarely encouraged but one must look beyond narrow mindedness. This dance form is to be looked up as just another talent and not as spiteful, slutty way of seduction.