Every life, every heartbeat begin’s with your mom – she is the one who brings us to life! So this Mother’s Day (May 11), let’s honour the divine role of motherhood and how it has made you the person you are today. Coming Sunday let’s do our bit to make Mother’s Day special for our moms!

Mothers willingly accepted a divine role as a full-time job that involved a sticky, sleepless and soul-stretching career. From nine months to 90 months, and even 90 years (her own), she taught us right from wrong, left from right and other basic things. She slept little and worried much for us.

This video is for both, those who have the privilege of having been mothers and those who have the privilege of having moms, since motherhood is the utmost selfless service. Your champion cheerleader and chief inspiring officer was none other than your mom, it was it is and forever will be – mom!

Do watch this beautiful video here.