Jennifer Garner birthday: Unknown facts about America’s sweetheart

Jennifer Anne Garner was born on April 17, 1972. She is an A-lister in Hollywood even though she does not have many prominent roles in her kitty. She garnered attention in her hit show Felicity, which led later to another ABC television drama Alias. Even though she is a stunning actress, she feels pressured by the fashion trending styles since it’s not her niche. But no matter what, she looks ever so amazing with her natural charm.

The dimpled American sweetheart known for her mega watt smile is married to Hollywood actor-filmmaker Ben Affleck since 2005.

Here are some facts about Jennifer Garner you might not have known:

1. Her oh-so full lips were not so flattering to a fellow kid in her school, who called her ‘Live Lips’!

2. She had almost got arrested on the day of her prom. She and her friend were sunbathing topless in a park when the police spotted them.

3. She wasn’t a born actress; her father is a chemical engineer and mother an English teacher. Although her dream was to be an author as a child, she first started off as a hostess at the restaurant Isabella’s.

4. Jennifer had a very conservative upbringing. She wasn’t allowed to get piercing done till she was 16 and also wasn’t allowed to wear make up or a bikini.

5. She started taking ballet dancing classes at the early age of 3, and continued to practice throughout her youth.

6. She also used to play the saxophone. Her first E-Flat Alto saxophone was received by her in the 5th grade and she named it ‘Sally’.

7. She pretty much went to college confused as to what to pursue and tried majoring in chemistry but could not take it and dived straight into the theatre department.

8. Her first major break was a best friend’s role in the TV series Felicity. And coincidentally she met her first husband Scott Foley on the sets.

9. Jennifer shares her birthday with singer songwriter Liz Phair, whose song ‘Why can’t I ?’ was used in her movie 13 Going on 30.

10. She got third-time lucky! Jennifer was married to Scott Foley, followed by a relationship with Michael Vartan and then finally ended up with Ben Affleck, whom she refers to as her real-life superhero.

11. When she started as an actress, landing her first job in 1995 in a theatre company, she was paid US$150 a week and with time she started pocketing a whopping amount of US$150,000 per episode for her role in Alias.

12. She confesses that she is often mistaken for her former Power Rangers and Felicity co-star Amy Jo Johnson. Fans turn to her for her autographs mistaking her for Amy!

13. On her 33rd birthday, Jennifer’s husband Ben Affleck gifted her a 4.5 carat diamond ring from Harry Winston.

14. She is also a member of Pi Beta Phi – international fraternity for women.

A very happy birthday to Jennifer Garner!