The Julaab Gang is here again to amuse us! It’s is a women’s comedy show produced by JAM Productions for all those who suffer from Verbal Diarrhea.

Elections have taken over the imagination of people. Candidates like Kesrilaal, Dhodi, Chaandhi.

Here the three ‘a -blah’ naaris have taken over the discussion of the desirable candidate of Election 2014. They rant over how they feel about each leader on some not so loosely relevant opinions and take the segment to an all new dimension. They even decide on the factors of sex appeal (Even chappan inch ka seena) to select their leaders.

They then break into the Madhuri Dixit-Nene’s hot song Dhak Dhak! Eventually they come up with a pink saree-clad party called Julaab Gang!

Watch this crazy video!