Sometimes news like this is as painful as it’s funny! A man from China, who had returned to live with his “jealous” wife after she chopped off his penis, had gotten his genitals dismembered again.

Han Mou, from Anhui, China, had asked his wife for a divorce because he was a Casanova in all terms. He wanted a break from his crazy wife as he was sleeping around with other women.

Zhang was arrested for slipping her lovely husband – Han Mou some sleeping pills and then cutting off his penis, before flushing it down the toilet. She was later let out on bail and continued to live with her husband and kids, while awaiting trial.

Han Mou had enough and said that even though he loved his wife Zhang, he still wanted a divorce because her jealousy was too much to handle. He then went out looking for a new partner to become a stand-in mother to his children.

Classic Zhang then crushed up some sleeping pills again and put them in her husband’s glass of milk. When Han Mou woke up screaming in pain, he found that “everything” was chopped off.

But there’s something we must applaud! Han Mou’s wife herself called for medical assistance for him and turned herself in to the police. What a caring woman! (Read: 5 ways to make it special for your woman on Women’s Day!)