Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is known for his love for babies met baby Justin Trudeau, the son of Syrian refugees. The baby’ parents named him after the politician as a thank you gesture towards their adopted country. The two-month-old baby, whose full name is Justin Trudeau Adam Bilan was seen happily sleeping as the prime minister held him at the Calgary Stampede breakfast on Saturday. The boy was born in May in Calgary to Syrian parents who had come to Canada as refugees recently. While Syrian children are generally named after their grandparents, the refugee couple chose to name their boy after the prime minister to showing gratitude that the country has accepted them. Muhammad and Afraa Bilan originally hail from Syria’s capital city Damascus.

Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilal’s mother had earlier said that they were grateful to the prime minister for bringing so many Syrian refugees to Canada. Trudeau received 163 Syrian refugees in Toronto while thousands more arrived. Canada has since then accepted 40,081 refugees in the country. While the decision came with challenges for the country including refugees finding difficulty in finding work and learning the language. To solve problems settlement agencies launched workshops to help refugees deal with the anxiety. However, the government came under further criticisms for not providing enough services. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s son Hadrien Grégoire has a blast with dad in his office! (See Pictures)

Here is Justin Trudeau holding the baby:

And here is how the internet reacted:

As per a Huffington Post report, the Bilals are not the only family to name their child after Trudeau. According to the report, it is a common Arabic tradition to name a child after a person with good character. Ahmed Doso, a Syrian father in Red Deer, Alta has also named his son after the PM. After US President Donald Trump implemented ban immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, Trudeau took to social media to confirm his government’s decision in helping “those fleeing persecution, terror & war”.