Vidya Balan‘s newest film Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh releases in theatres on Friday, December 2, 2016. Althought it is the sequel of the very successful Kahaani that got all its footfalls from word-of-mouth publicity, there has hardly been much buzz about the sequel. Just like Kahaani that showed Vidya Balan in fiery role along with Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Indraneil Chatterjee and Parambrata Chatterjee in major roles, Kahaani 2 is also directed by Sujoy Ghosh and produced by the director along with PEN’s Jayantilal Gada. Kahaani 2 features actor Arjun Rampal alongside Vidya Balan and audiences of such thrillers do have some expectations from the film. But if they read the Twitter movie review of self-proclaimed film critic Kamaal R Khan aka KRK, even fans of Vidya Balan won’t enter the theatre!

This is what he said in his tweets: “It’s interval and what a dirty, disgusting, Ghatiaa, wahiyaat film #Kahaani2! I can’t believe that @sujoy_g can make so disgusting film.” He added, “If you compare #Kahaani2 to #Kahaani, then #Kahaani was #Sholay n #Kahaani2 is a #Himmatwala! I am highly disappointed with the content.” He tried to bring in some humour in his rant with this post on Kahaani 2, “These is famous Kahaawat-Aa Saand, Mujhe Maar This is the only story of #Kahaani2. Can’t understand, How did makers get convinced 2make it?” SPOILER ALERT!! KRK, disgusted with Kahaani 2, revealed the story of the film, saying, “#Kahaani2 -Uncle sexually harassed a 6years old girl for yrs with the permission of family n an unknown lady saved her. R u really serious?”

KRK ends his Kahaani 2 movie review with these tweets, refusing to review it on his YouTube page, “I protest n refuse to review #Kahaani2 for the contents. I can’t think such crap in my dream also so my salute to @sujoy_g for his mentality”. He adds, “The best thing is this, that #Kahaani2 starts with a terrific trailer of up coming film #Kaabil.” He ends (SPOILER), ” haven’t reveal. Suspense is this in #Kahaani2 that who is Vidya n who is Durga? @kimayavaibhavy”.

Will you watch Kahaani 2 after reading these tweets?