For many of us, whether we’re good at it or not – we all love to sing. And sometimes while shopping for groceries or essentials, we’ve always wondered: why can’t we just sing as the cashier prepares the bill? Or if you’re shopping with someone who is taking their time with each item, and you’re horribly bored. Why not belt out the lyrics of that song you love?

Well, if you’re in Japan, you can.

Always coming up with stuff that seems impossible, the country is going to open its first ‘karaoke-convenience store’ hybrid on the 17th of April.

A collaboration between a convenience store chain and Japan’s leading providers of karaoke has resulted in this hybrid. Convenience chain FamilyMart is working together with nationwide karaoke operator, Karaoke Club DAM. The first branch of this unique store will be situated in Tokyo.

So what were the two companies that created this hybrid looking to do? Well, they were aiming to combine the benefits that a Japanese convenience store – called a conbini – has, with the hig quality facilities offered by the karaoke company. They were also looking to expand this venture all across the country.

The store will be open 24 hours, day and night, and will have a selection of items for its regular customers. However, those who wish to sing are invited to use the self-service karaoke booths that have been specially installed. These booths will be open for nearly nineteen hours, so that customers are able to sing as much as they desire.

What’s more, this store is everything in one. While singing out at the karaoke booth, if a person needs any food items, they can simply purchase it from the store. All products bought from the store are allowed inside the booth. Besides, shy people who love karaoke usually rely on alcohol for support – and now they can even drink inside the booth while belting out a song.

The karaoke booths in the store will be accessible from 10 am on a particular day, right up to 5 am the next day! Also, so that patrons can party all night and still be able to go to work, the store has a selection of personal grooming products. The customers can thus use these products, which include mouthwash and wipes, to freshen up and leave, thus managing to avoid looking hungover. The 5 am closing time means that a person has enough time to even go home and take a quick shower to be fully refreshed.