Twitter is most of the times about trolls, memes and a lot of happy stuff. Occasionally when popular celebrities pass away, Twitter is flooded with RIP tweets. However in the history of Twitter, it has been recorded that the Las Vegas Shooting that took place on Monday was the saddest day for twitteratti. In all these years, even when Twitter had its occasional bout of sadness, Monday was the saddest of all. The Las Vegas shooting massacre was indeed a sad day, not just for twitter but for the entire world. Just to jog your memory a bit, October 2 was the day when a gunman went on a shooting spree killing 59 people and leaving several others injured.  Hedonometer is a tool that several scientists and mathematicians have been using to track sentiments on social media. And they have been doing so since 2008. On Monday, the scale on Hedonometer dropped down to 5.7. On a scale of 1 to 9, 9 means pure happiness and on average days, when Twitter is not full of life, the meter comes down to 6. This is attributed to the fact that English has more positive words than negative. And on Monday, when the meter dropped to 5.7, Twitter obviously hit a new low.

The Hedonometer scans around 50 million messages on Twitter, those that are written in English. On the happiness scale, the most used English words are tracked, omitting words like like in, and, of. And that is how they measure the collective joy and sorrow of Twitter users. On the day of that tragedy. Twitter users were seen using words like, tragedy, gun, dead, killed, victims and evil which according to the algorithm is negative words.

The world has seen several natural calamities like hurricanes, tsunami, and terrorist acts also. However this is the very first time when Twitter has recorded its lowest measurement in Hedonometer. These findings were shared with new agencies by Chris Danforth who is from the University of Vermount mathematician and also co-founded this tracking tool along with his co-worker Peter Dodds.