A fun-filled safari turned into a shocking nightmare for a group of visitors in Bannerghatta Biological Park of Karnataka when a lion and lioness attacked their vehicle. When people go on a safari, they pray that they get to see a lion and here it came true but it in the worst way possible. An unverified video of a lion and lioness confronting a group of safari goers has gone viral on the social media.

The video shows a car passing through a bio-park when a lioness came by. Only when thought their prayers had come true, the lioness stops their vehicle from moving ahead. Soon, a lion follows and moves around the car. After which the lion tries to climb by scratching on the rear glass, while the lioness crosses the car calmly. However, it failed and moved away from the car while the lioness still wanders around the vehicle. Lions at Bengaluru’s Bannerghatta National Park attack vehicles

Fortunately, none was hurt as the car managed to go past the wild beasts safely. The video was captured by people in a vehicle behind the Innova. The video has now been shared multiple times on social media and has received thousands of shares. Last year also a similar video had emerged when vehicles of visitors at  Bannerghatta National Park n Bengaluru were attacked by three lions. They animals had even tried to get into the car.

Following the recent incident, driver of the vehicle was blamed for driving close to the lions and waiting for prolonged hours near the animals. Following the incident, the zoo authorities take six smaller vehicles off the road until adequate grills are fixed.

Watch the video here: