Barcelona and Argentina star Lionel Messi showed no one dare mess with his fan. The footballer lit up a young fan’s day after he was left in a pool of tears by Messi’s strict security personnel. After getting down the Argentina soccer team bus, Lionel Messi was being escorted inside the hotel when this enthusiastic boy ran up to greet his idol as we can see in the video. Alas, security team caught and dragged him away before the boy could meet Messi. Naturally, the boy was deeply hurt and began crying bitterly. It was here when the beloved footballer stepped in to save his fan’s day. Uruguay hold Argentina, Paraguay Rout Chile in FIFA World Cup Qualifier.

The incident took place when the football superstar was returning from match practice in Uruguay. When Lionel Messi was making his way inside a hotel in Montevideo, the young boy made a dash to greet his favourite player. We all know the feeling of catching a glimpse of our idol and the kid’s excitement could be seen as he desperately wished to meet Messi and get a picture with him or his autograph. But all his hopes were brutally smashed by footballer’s watchful security team, who dragged the boy away from Messi.

All the excitement turned into major disappointment for the kid who fled the spot in flood of tears. After seeing so much of commotion, Messi stopped his entourage. Yes, world’s best footballer stopped everyone to bring the crying fan back. As members of his security team promptly obeyed his command, Messi patiently waited for his young fan. After all 30-year-old player known for his soft corner and love for his fans couldn’t turn a blind eye to his follower getting ill-treated and so sad.

After few minutes, Messi’s fan returned with the smiling footballer greeting him with a big smile. The Barcelona star hugged the 11-year-old boy and posed for a selfie with him. The photograph would always remind the boy of his memorable meeting with arguably one of the greatest footballers of all times. Messi’s humane down to earth personality has won him fans, followers and supporters across the globe. Never change, Lionel Messi, Never..Ever.