Top 5 thinngs to do to beat the Indian summer heat!

The summer is here, and it is back with a vengeance. And in a country like ours, you’re going to need all the help you can possibly get to deal with the intense heat. So we’ve made a list of the five things that are essential to beat the heat.

1.  Let’s start with the mother of all thirst quenchers – the mighty ganna juice. That’s right, also known as happiness on wheels. In a glass. With or without ice. Your choice.

Well, this humble drink, made from sugarcane, is as affordable as it is delicious. And since it is available almost anywhere you go, you can count on it to keep you going with a sugar rush in the sweltering heat. The drink  is made fresh, and it tastes of a cooling sweetness – all for an average of just ten rupees! So go, indulge yourself in some ganna goodness.


2.   Time to rummage your wardrobe and collect all your thinnest clothes. The flimsier, the better. And make sure they’re all cotton, or you’re going to be sweating buckets. But let’s face it, you’ll still insist on wearing your jeans and layering your tops.  So here’s a solution: a little towel. Yes, it is incredibly handy when you want to keep wiping that sweat – plus, it will never get soggy or drenched like handkerchiefs.


3.  Always, I repeat, ALWAYS have sunglasses handy.Unless you want to have a massive headache in the middle of nowhere. Being in the sun is not funny, and it can get to you faster than you think. When you shield your eyes from the glare, you instantly feel better. Don’t leave home without it.


4.  A bath is like a gift after a long day. We travel, we work, and we travel again, and more. So the feeling of taking off all your clothes and having cool water all over you is just heaven. Make sure you bathe once before leaving home if you can, it really freshens you up. Also, when you’re back, take an extra long bath so your body (and mind) is happy.


5.  Lastly, you’ll need a piece of paper. Not a train-ticket sized one, but not like a whole magazine. A newspaper or even some notebook sized ones should suffice. And why do you need this exactly? Well, you keep making small folds, front and back alternately, and create a fan. And if that doesn’t feel good in the heat, I don’t know what will.


So what are you waiting for? Prepare, and then enjoy the sunny days!