Isn’t it wonderful to see the standard of beauty changing with each day? The fashion industry until recently was known for hiring people with certain looks and personality to adorn their glossy magazines but the norm is slowly changing with changing times. A male model who lost his leg due to a birth defect has become the first amputee to be crowned Mr England. Jack Eyers penned history by becoming the first disabled person to take away the title of Mr England. Competing against 24 other finalists the 28-year-old accepted the crown of Mr England. In 2015, the personal trainer was the first disabled person to walk at the New York Fashion Week.

Jack had to amputee his leg at the age of 16 as he was born with degenerative condition Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency (PFFD) that had caused deformed hip and short leg. He wanted to join the fire service after the operation but realised that it would not be possible. Instead, he trained himself and signed with Models of Diversity which campaigns for diversity in the fashion industry. Daily Mail quoted him as saying, “Growing up with the deformed leg was really hard – I had no muscle structure or knee joint and I walked with a really pronounced limp. At primary school, I was really into sports but it was hard to join in, and I would get bullied.” Han Hyun-Min, South Korea’s First Black Model Who Was Welcomed With Racism in Fashion Industry is Now a Regular at Ramp Walks

Here are some of his pictures:

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Jack also took part in 2012 Paralympic opening ceremony and performed acrobatics. Talking about which he said, “That performance gave me such a buzz I’d never felt before – I was hugely inspired by the feeling that disabled people can be powerful and that we’re not weak or incapable.” Jack won Mr Dorset heat and was crowned Mr England at The Vox Resorts Birmingham. Jack hopes his victory inspired other young models to follow their dreams. Jack is not planning to settle down with just one title, he said, “I’m pretty overwhelmed by it, but Mr World is the next big step.” (Image- Jack Eyers Instagram)