“Did you just check out my ass?”

Here’s a hilarious prank put together by YouTube video-maker Fousey which has become a viral video in a day! In the video, Fousey wears feminine yoga pants, something that is often worn by the ladies to accentuate the curves. While wearing the pants with stuffing, Fousey bends over the trunk of his car with his junk out on full display. Since a derriere is on full show no one can help but notice it!

Every guy who catches a good stare of the ass is then stunned to the bone when Fousey stands up to reveal himself. After which some pretty awkward interactions ensue between Fousey and every guy who initially thought it was a well shaped ass of a lady. Some men really believed that it was a lady’s butt! The viral video just proves how thirsty men can be when they see a woman wearing various forms of leggings.

The viral video managed to amount over 1 million views on YouTube in no time! Check out the fun in the video below: