Who doesn’t like a little bit spice in their lives, but this one man took it too far. Recently a 34-year-old American man entered a hot pepper eating contest where he had to eat a ‘Carolina Reaper’ chilli which is deemed the hottest chilli in the world. It looks like a red capsicum with a pointed tail and looks crushed in appearance. The chilli is named the reaper because of its pointy tail. To give a perspective the Carolina Reaper pepper is more than a 100 times hotter than jalapenos.

After he ate the chilli he started gagging immediately and experienced ‘thunderclap’ headaches, these types of headaches become severe in a matter of seconds and can suddenly come about without a warning and become extremely intense. He had to be taken to the emergency for immediate attention and was made to carry out some tests. He was finally diagnosed with ‘reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome or RCVS’ which is the temporary narrowing of blood vessels of the brain. RCVS can also be caused by prescription medicines and causes these severe ‘thunderclap’ headaches.

Luckily the situation cleared out for the man and his CT scan after 5 weeks revealed that the blood vessels that were initially narrowed came back to normal. Doctors have advised that having very spicy chillies can also lead to complications and anyone experiencing extreme symptoms should seek medical attention.

The Carolina Reaper has been bred from Bhut jolokia which is a former record holder of being the world’s hottest chilli pepper and a red habanero. The taste has been described as fruity at first and then becomes absolutely scorching.