Hair is one of the features people notice first and it affects how people see you. The way you manage your hairdo tells a lot about your personality. Even if you are not into psychology, you can guess a lot about a girl and her passion by her hairstyle. Let’s decode yours and find out what it says.



If you keep your hair pulled back in a ponytail it comes across as an innocent schoolyard do. It gives out a message that you are practical easy to manage and neat. Pony tails is one of the easiest ways to have you hair .It pulls back the hair from your face and reveals your face structure. Pulling hair back from the eyes shows sexual self confidence .These people are said to be surprisingly bold in bed!

Super styled


When you don a super styled hair even at home you love order and consistency. You always look just like you stepped out of a salon and you design your hair in the most outlandishly styled way you can conjure up. You always tend to be in control in your personal encounters. Even in a passionate encounter you prefer to take the lead. You always want to look like a star and seek a lot of attention.

Wild and free hair

wild and free hairstyle

If you keep your mane untamed and natural, it shows that you are self sufficient and comfortable in your own skin. And you don’t give much damn about anything you are carefree and pretty relaxed about love, life and sex. If you love running your fingers through your hair, do it to you partner the way you love to touch your hair and he will reciprocate for sure. Long hair makes you more sexually appealing, but it can also show a bohemian spirit or a need for freedom.

Messy bun

messy bun

If you often throw up your hair in a messy bun it probably means you seek for glamour in the boudoir too. It gives you a look that you just rolled out of bed but yet you look styled and glamorous. And you enjoy a lot of male attention. Pulling up your hair into a bun exposes your neck the most sensual part of a women’s body, which hints at a subtle level that you are flirting for your man.

So the next time you hit your dressing table, to tame your hair don’t let your hair hold you back, remember these codes of mane care.