Facebook Chief Operating Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg came in front of the US Congress on April 10, Tuesday to answer the questions related to his company’s data breach. The mishandling of data came into limelight after Cambridge Analytica, an IT service management company harvested the Facebook data of 87 million users without their knowledge. While answering to the questions of the lawmakers, Zuckerberg said he takes responsibility of the data breach and his company was working on generating solutions for the same. Wondering what went wrong and he landed in a bunch of memes? Dressed in a navy blue suit, the prim and proper Zuckerberg looked nothing short of a ‘robot’ as he answered all the questions one by one.

Here we bring to you a host of memes surrounding Zuckerberg to show how Twitteratis roasted this gentleman.

This tweet by Joshua is all sorts of hilarious and reads, “*record scratch* *freeze frame* Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

Now what’s with the goddamn haircut?

On point!

Zuckerberg:  I’m a natural human, I’m a natural human. Twitter: No, you’re a robot.

As long as the testimony continued, so did the memes. During his testimony, the Facebook CEO assured the senate that researchers at his company were taking appropriate measures to avert such a situation and also maintained that elections would be safe.