Days after #MeToo gained worldwide momentum on social media, here is another hashtag that is highlighting sexual abuse women suffered at a young age. The #MeAt14 campaign gained attention after American actors Alyssa Milano and Sarah Silverman tweeted to bring awareness about the age of sexual consent. The incident gained limelight after The Washington Post did a story that United States Senate nominee Roy Moore allegedly initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old while he was 32. After Moore, now 70, defended himself, three other women also alleged that they pursued them when they were between the ages of 16 to 18. Following which a fourth woman, Beverly Young Nelson also alleged that Moore groped him against her will when she 16.

The campaign is trying to highlight that 14 is not an age where people understand consent or its consequences. Women on Twitter shared photos of themselves at 14 trying to show that a person is still a child and giving sexual consent to an older person does not make sense. It tries to tell that teenage is a growing age evolving with sexuality and stresses of adolescence.

Here are the tweets:

Actors, influencers, TV hosts and others took to Twitter sharing their experiences at 14.

Not just women, men also joined the bandwagon

The legal age of consent varies by state in the US, ranging from 16, which is the minimum, to 18.

Following the widespread of the initiative, Moore released a statement rubbishing the allegations after Nelson’s press conference alongside attorney Gloria Allred. In the statement, Moore’s campaign described Allred as ‘a sensationalist leading a witch hunt,’ and again denied ‘any sexual misconduct with anyone’ by Moore. Denying the allegations Moore has threatened to sue The Washington Post for the report.