Meet Mrs Santa Claus! Ever wondered who she is and how she looks like? Or what she does? Just like the saints and the mahatmas, so in the case of the much loved, aged Santa Claus who gets all the love because he gives away gifts to children on Christmas eve – nobody knows the women who stand in support of these men! So clothing brand Marks & Spencer, which also has outlets in India, decided to give their Christmas 2016 television commercial a modern twist. They show Mr Santa Claus go away on his sledge with gifts to distribute to little children, and then comes the twist.

What does Momma Claus do? Or wait, just Mrs Claus (we dunno if they have kids and we can’t assume they have!) Well, Mrs Claus reads some letters and gets down to do the work – distributing the exact much needed gifts to kids. So, what is the twist then? Well, Mrs Claus is a modern woman. She does it in a smart way! No sledge, but snowmobiles and helicopters for her, that she herself pilots, mind you! And all the latest technology is at her aid. She is fast and gets work done in a jiffy, and is back in home in time before her hubby – to let him be in the illusion that it is he who has done all the work!

Sounds familiar? This ad will surely make your mom smile! Doesn’t she do all the work, and many a time more smartly than your dad? And what we loved is that Mrs Claus, looking beautiful in her red dress, without the cap, chooses to NOT take the chimney! Truly beating tradition, we must say. She also does not forget to smile, look confident, and even grabs some food from the house she visits!

Watch the ad titled M&S 2016 Christmas Ad: Christmas with love from Mrs Claus here!