After a transforming first month, nothing is stopping Microsoft’s new CEO from bringing in change. Satya Nadela is now all set to make one of the biggest dreams of iPad user come true. Imagine your iPad device installed with the Microsoft office software! According to sources this much awaited software may soon be available.

Microsoft’s about to introduce a suite of Microsoft Office applications designed for the Apple tablet. The suite is expected to include Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This announcement is suspected to be made on March 27 in San Francisco. This event would be the first big press appearance of the CEO after he took over Steve Ballmer, the longtime CEO of Microsoft.

Investors for years have urged Microsoft to adapt Office for mobile devices from Apple and Google, rather than shackling it to Windows as PC sales decline. But the software giant has been reluctant to undermine its other lucrative franchise, its PC operating software. Microsoft has had iPad and iPhone versions of Office primed for several months now, sources said, but the company has dallied on their release due to internal divisions, among other things.

Microsoft also said it would make OneNote, its note-taking software, available on Mac for free, a move interpreted by observers as a shot against Evernote, the popular note-taking application that has both Mac and Android compatibility. Aside from Evernote, Microsoft also faces budding challenges from start-ups that have released mobile-friendly alternatives to Word, Excel and Powerpoint.