A mother beat up her young son on the head and body with a cricket bat when he didn’t clean up his bedroom, an Irish court has been told. Sitting in a provincial town, Judge Fiona Lydon granted an emergency care order to Tusla, the Child and Family Agency (CFA) for the primary school-going child at the Family Law Court.

The judge was quoted saying that the seven-day emergency care order “was warranted in all of the circumstances” for the young boy. Tusla, the Child and Family Agency (CFA) made the application after gardaí invoked emergency powers following an incident involving the boy a few days ago.

In uncontested evidence, a Garda said she called to the boy’s mother’s home on Thursday to let her know that her young son had been involved in an incident earlier that day where there were fears for his safety. “We explained why we were there and she didn’t seem to care to be honest with you. I told her that her son was in an ambulance and that he was freaking out and needs his Mum”, the female Garda told the court.

Further explaining it, the Garda said the mother replied “well, there is nothing wrong with him. I have other things to be doing”. The concerned Garda told the court: “She basically refused to come with us.” (As per reported by Irish Times)

 The boy was then brought by the Garda to a nearby hospital to undergo a general check-up. “He is a nice little boy and if he was given time with a family to look after him he would be fine. I felt sorry for him,” the female Garda said.

Coming back to the case of physical abuse done to the boy, the boy’s social worker also gave evidence and revealed the child was previously the subject of emergency powers in February “due to the issue of physical abuse and mother neglecting the needs of the child”. (As per reported by Irish Times)

 The boy has a meeting with the social worker at the hospital on Thursday, where he “and he revealed a number of incidents where he was hit by his mother”. The social worker said in the court last Monday “after school, his mother was angry he hadn’t done his chores — hoovering and tidying his room. He told me that she took a cricket bat and hit him on his left elbow, his left shoulder, on the back and on the top of the head with the cricket bat”. The social worker further said she asked the mother about the alleged assault and the boy’s mom denied hitting him, and said her son was lying.

There have been other cases also, where the boy’s mother deliberately broke a toy he had been given by his foster carer, said the social worker. The social worker mentioned that the boy’s mother was told about the court proceedings but said she had the flu and would not be attending.

Taking a sigh of relief, the social worker said the boy is now back with the foster carer he was with in February and is happy there. “He had a very good evening there yesterday, slept well and went to school happy today,” the social worker told the court. ((As per reported by Irish Times)