Moto G review

We’ve been waiting for this phone ever since we saw its first promo, and now we cannot wait to lay our hands on it. While a full technology review is not what we’re doing right now, we talk about a few things we love about the new Android device from Google and Motorola – the Moto G. Here’s our take.

The colours

Not too bright, not too light – just right. The colours are not like Nokia’s dark solids, or Apple iPhone 5c’s almost pastel ones. The Moto G’s colours are perfect.


Not too big, not too small – that’s exactly why girls love this phone. And we’re sure the boys do too, ‘cos Moto G is something that can easily fit your trouser pocket. A perfect candybar phone with good curves for easy handling.


The Corning Gorilla Glass display size is 4.5 inches, making 16:9 or 4:3 viewing easy. It will be edge-to-edge viewing for your fave movies and videos.


At that price, 8 GB storage, with an option of 16 GB, is quite cool. What’s more, Moto G is offering 50 GB extra storage free on Google Drive for a couple of years – that’s apart from the usual 15 GB that comes with the device!


We’ve not used it yet, but the phone claims to have the best battery in its category – a 2070mAh non-removable one. Online reviews suggest it might not be the best, but better than the other phones in competition.


Don’t worry about transferring all your stuff – that’s right, all your stuff – from your old Android phone to the Moto G. It will happen wirelessly and seamlessly.

And finally, the Price

A price between Rs 12,000-14,000 in India is the perfect one to bring in volumes. The Moto G comes at Rs 12,499 for the 8 GB variant and Rs 13,999 for the 16 GB version. Take your pick.

Sadly, the phone in the box does not come with Android KitKat but an upgrade is available. But for now the features are enough for basic phone owners to upgrade to the best Android phone in its segment – the Moto G!

Meet Moto G: Watch Video

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