Pakistani Cricketer, Shoaib Malik called former Indian skipper, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a Goat. But, why a goat?! During a Twitter Q&A session with his fans, Malik in a reply to a question addressed MS Dhoni as a ‘legend Goat’. Well, before you start fretting over Pakistani player calling our legendary cricketer – a bakri (livestock, goat in Hindi), please stop. GOAT stands for ‘Greatest of All Time’, a less familiar word to compliment a person’s achievement. Just a few days ago, Swiss tennis ace, Roger Federer was called a GOAT by a cute kid in a viral video during US Open 2017.

India and Pakistan may not be playing cricket as often as they would have liked to but it does not stop the players from respective teams show the love and respect for another side. Shoaib Malik, one of the mainstays of the Pakistan cricket team won every Indian fans’ heart with his sweet gesture. During a Q&A session on microblogging platform, Twitter, Malik had an epic reply concerning Indian cricketing great, MS Dhoni.

Roger Federer Answers Why He’s Called ‘GOAT’ and Makes ‘Pinky Promise’ to a Cute Kid (Watch Video)

Roger Federer Answers Why He’s Called ‘GOAT’ and Makes ‘Pinky Promise’ to a Cute Kid (Watch Video)

A Twitter user shot a question to Malik writing, “@realshoaibmalik some words on @msdhoni ???#askMalik”. The senior player responded with “Legend GOAT” and it was enough to floor the fans of both India and Pakistan. When someone utters ‘Goat’, the first thought is always that of a livestock. But since the 2000s, it is a famous acronym to address the best among bests. ‘ Greatest of All Time’ is the full form of GOAT and it has an interesting origin.

According to, “The earliest example we could find for “G.O.A.T.” used to mean”greatest of all time” is from September 1992, when Lonnie Ali, Muhammad Ali’s wife, incorporated Greatest of All Time, Inc. (G.O.A.T. Inc.) to consolidate and license her husband’s intellectual properties for commercial purposes.” But the site says the abbreviation began commonly used after American rapper LL Cool J, released the track G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) in 2000.

When speaking about GOATs and we just have to mention about the tennis superstar Roger Federer’s cute conversation with a kid reporter. Just a fortnight ago, Federer was questioned by a young boy on why he is called the GOAT by his fans and experts. The winner of most grand slam titles, Federer burst into laughter and claimed he does not call himself a GOAT. Indeed, Roger Federer in Tennis and Mahendra Singh Dhoni in Cricket are GOATs of their fields. (no pun intended).