It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it’s not Superman! It’s an SUV tossed in the air due to a water pipe burst. A massive water pipe burst was reported from Borivali, a suburb of Mumbai. As per The Indian Express, the incident occurred on Tuesday. A video of the incident is going viral on the Internet.

In the video that’s gone viral, enthusiastic citizen reporters are out on the street, with trouser legs rolled up, filming the deluge. In the two-odd minute video, that plays the same sequence on loop, we first see water sprouting out of what could have been a fountain had it not been in the middle of a busy road. Then, we spot some cars stuck in the flooding road. Towards the end of the clip that’s gone viral, an SUV seems to shake a bit and one might think the driver is revving up, trying to get going. However, it’s the lull before the storm, as it were. Because soon enough, water, that was quietly gushing from underneath the big vehicle, seems to burst out, carrying the SUV in the air with it.

Watch the video here:

The incident is a poor reflection on the two problems that our urban populace is grappling with; pitiable maintenance of infrastructure, and scarcity of water. Recently, a study by Centre for Science and Environment had revealed that Bengaluru was going the Cape Town way in that its water table had shrunk. And it was among the ten cities in the world that were on the brink of water scarcity.