Narendra Modi’s interview on India TV’s Aap Ki Adalat gave a clear picture of his nature and his style. In an era of politically correct answers, here is a man who openly says what he feels and clarifies that he cannot be politically correct on matters that are emotional. As the interview shed light on various aspects of Modi’s Gujarat, BJP’s recent problems and the various accusations by Congress, Modi took no time in giving back. While the whole interview is a must watch, here are the five quotes that were class apart.

“I live by my values and respect others”

On being about the 2011 controversy of refusing to wear a skull cap at the Sadbhavana fast, Modi simply said “I respect all religions and all communities but I feel it is also important to be in touch with one’s own values and principals. I live with my values and support others”

“News traders twist words”

When an international journalist recently asked Narendra Modi if he felt sympathetic towards the victims, he had responded by saying “we are humans, we feel bad even if a puppy comes below someone’s car.” This statement completely changed the outlook of the interview, and when asked about this, Modi clarified that he made no comparison what so ever of the victims to dogs. He went on to say that though media is very influential and kind, it is the news traders who twist words to increase their profits.

“I would like to thank Azam Khan”

After the above statement by Modi supposedly focusing on the dogs made news, SP leader, Azam Khan had gone on record and called him a ‘big dog’. When asked to respond to this accusation, Modi smiled and replied, “ I would like to heartily thank him, for there is nobody more loyal than a dog. For him to believe that I am loyal, means a lot to me and I will show my loyalty towards this country.”

“I don’t believe in attacking one’s religion”

When a lady from the audience asked Modi how he planned to gain the trust of Christians for and after the elections, here is what he said! “I don’t believe in attacking one’s religion. In Gujarat there is a rare religion residing, Parsi and they had their religious shrine, after I have come to power, I am working my level best to turn it into a global religious monument. Our country believes that God is one and there are different ways of reaching out to him and each path leads to Him. I too believe in this. While it is good to pride on one’s religion, discriminating on its basis hinders growth.”

“Gujarat has RTI”

When Rajat Sharma, the show’s host, questioned him on Rahul Gandhi’s favorite subject, RTI and the accusation put that Gujarat does not have RTI, here is what Modi said, “While he(Rahul) keeps talking about the RTI and  other bills, I want to know why is RTI not present in Kashmir? Why is Anti-Corruption bill not there in Kashmir? Where is the Women empowerment there? And as for his accusations, there is RTI in Gujarat but we do not receive any complaints.”