The latest sketch from All India Bakchod (AIB) called Nayak 2 – The Common Man Rises! stars Babuji Alok Nath and imagines Arvind Kejriwal’s life as a movie. In the movie, we can see a sleeping Kejriwal who is urged by an inner conscience to start a party and gets tips from Bapuji Alok Nath on exactly how to go about espousing middle-class values!

Here are our favourite moments from the video:

Anna Hazare threw out my rum!

nayak 1 old monkArvind seems to be experiencing some sort of disillusioned nightmare where his efforts to create change are being mocked and he wakes up in a shock after realising Anna threw out all his Old Monk – a logical explanation for why AAP splintered from Hazare’s India Against Corruption movement!

Hum sabke andhar ek Kejriwal hai!

nayak 2 hum sabke andharThe statement by Somnath Bharti cheering Kejriwal on by saying ‘Hum sabke andhar ek Kejriwal hai’ is deemed creepy by the man!

The emergence of Alok Nath

Alok NathThings really get awesome when Bapuji Aloknath emerges to show Kejriwal exactly how to appear middle-class. (Pics: Alok Nath’s best memes)

Kejri playing Flames!

Kejriwal FlamesGetting distracted while drawing the election symbol, Arvind actually starts playing the popular childhood game called Flames and is hastily chastised by Alok Nath who asks him to focus.

Badla ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ ishtyle

BadlaWith a broom on his back, Kejriwal starts doing push-ups promising that his life has only one purpose: ‘Hamara jeevan ka sirf ek hi maksat, hai badla!

Dousing out the flames with free water

nayak 7 waterScared that Kejriwal’s the CM now, government babus start burning files, but Kejriwal arrives to douse out the flames with the free water!

The Broom Signal

Kejriwal BatmanCorruption can longer go on as the Broom’s sign adorns the skies of Delhi!

The repetitive press conference!

kejri 8 repeatingThe press conferences prove to extremely repetitive with Kejriwal liberally uses the word Aam Aadmi with other random words!