New mobile game based on hit TV show Family Guy, has released!

Have you always watched a show and wished you could enjoy its characters in a game?

Fans of the hit cartoon TV show, Family Guy, will love this news. A new game has been released for mobiles, based on the show. Titled, ‘Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff’,

Though it was natural for people to compare the game with that of rival family-based cartoon, the Simpsons, there was a major difference in terms of gameplay. While the Simpsons game focused on simply building and collecting items, the Family Guy game has a strong storyline. The focus of this game is the interaction between the much-loved characters.

There is a strong emphasis on retaining the laugh factor of the original cartoon. The game has been designed in such a way that a user would find humour every time they played it. This is why the game goes beyond just simple collection of items.

An adventure game of sorts, The Quest for Stuff involves missions that need to be completed with the help of certain materials. These are to be found and collected, so that the story can move forward. The narrative elements and the character sketches are mixed with the random insertions of storylines and drama.

Andrew Green, the business head of TinyCo which created the game, assures users that they would have ‘at least a laugh’ every time they played the game.

Green said that his team at TinyCo had many brands that they wanted to work with. After conversing with the team over at FOX studios, they finalized the creation of the game. They also worked with the writers over at FOX Television and made them collaborate with their own writers. Though there was definitely a focus on animation, what held the game together is its strong concept. Working with FOX proved beneficial, since Green and his team could show the writers at FOX how the mechanisms of the game worked, which helped them in the creation of ideas.

According to Green, the focus of the game from the start, was content. TinyCo had always stressed that the quality of a game should never be compromised on, and this is exactly what they do with this game too. The aim was to make Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff a valuable game that every user desires.

So why was the game made anyway? Well, believe it or not, people who have been ardently watching the show wanted more of it! Family Guy in itself is brilliant, and users wanted to be able to experience interacting with its characters. Fans of the Griffin family wanted to be able to interact with them in the same way that they were seen on the show. Basically, people wanted to be able to feel like they were watching Family Guy when they looked at their mobile screen, which is why the game was created.

The team at TinyCo is looking forward to users who have never heard of the show, and their reaction when they play the game. This is because the game, besides being as bizarrely funny as the show itself, offers an authentic gaming experience at the same time.