A 61-year-old software engineer from New York is without a thumb after the self-closing doors on his $70,000 BMW chopped it off, and now, he’s taking the automaker to court. Godwin Boateng carried his severed right thumb into hospital back in 2016, but doctors were not able to re-attach it because of the way it had been sliced from his hand. He is now suing the German car-maker, claiming the X5’s door was ‘nothing short of a guillotine’ and that the sensors were faulty. Godwin Boateng says the pain was unbearable. His right thumb was completely severed and bleeding profusely after it was crushed in the door of his X5 SUV. He said, “I can’t describe it. It was excruciating and painful.”

The incident happened back in July 2016 when Godwin was getting out of the car on a busy road, where he got squeezed against the door. It automatically closed on his thumb.

He added, “The thumb got inside, and all of a sudden it just snapped, it snapped closed. I was just hysterical, screaming and didn’t know what to do.”

Surgeons were unable to reattach the tip of his thumb so now he cant even button up his shirt. can’t hold a plate or cup normally. Godwin’s nerves and tendons are damaged because surgeons sheared the bone off. It’s been 18 months, he underwent two operations but the old man is still in pain.

His lawyer Avi Cohen has filed a lawsuit against BMW on Boateng’s behalf.

Jay Hanson, an executive customer assistance manager for BMW, told Boateng in writing that there was no malfunction in the vehicle and that the automaker would not accept responsibility for the incident.