All of us have complained, at some time or the other, of too much time with nothing to do. Then we find something, and that something could range from discovering new medicines to treat diseases, to organizing the world’s biggest concert. So what motivates the soul to dispel boredom by looking at Sellotape and saying, “Oh, maybe I can use that to keep myself busy”?

Nevertheless, a growing craze has people doing just that.

It is an online phenomenon that combines the concept of the ‘selfie’ – the art of taking a picture of oneself – with the use of tape. Yes, just wrapping it tight around every corner of the face, and taking a picture! The trend has been named the Sellotape Selfie, or simply, the Sellofie.

Where do these pictures go? The internet, of course! There exists no other platform on which the act of taking a selfie with tape on one’s face would be appreciated anyway. The uploading of these pictures on various social networking sites has created a new storm, with sales of clear tape hitting the roof.

Though the concept seems strange, it has quickly gained viral status. Thousands of uploads have people using the tape to contort their faces into distorted expressions. People may dismiss it as juvenile, but the results of this ‘escapade’ are pretty hilarious.

The Sellofie movement has been said to originate in the UK, at the hands of a 21 year old woman who was having a bad day at work. Lizzie Durley got the idea for the craze from a scene in the film ‘Yes, Man’ where Jim Carrey does the same.

She said that she remembered the scene, and then thought of how the selfie could be incorporated too. She added that the concept of the selfie was almost exhausted in its entirety until tape came along.

The best thing about Sellotape selfies is that one needs very few things to go about the craze –  just sellotape and an endurance for pain. The latter is highly necessary when it comes to taking the tape off, since it is wrapped on extremely sensitive areas like eyebrows.

Currently, the pictures on social networking sites show the people wrapping sticky tape around any part of their head, to make themselves extremely unrecognisable. The subtle competition centres around just how contorted a face can become. The pictures are sometime accompanied with the names of the person’s friends, challenging them to do the same. At other times, the painful process of tape removal is described.

So what are you waiting for? Join the (rightfully called) craze!