Have you ever wondered why OnePlus wallpapers make the lasting impression on their users? Well, Each OnePlus device ships with a set of unique art that attempts to evoke something special, something innately true about the device it’s supposed to represent—whether it’s the acrylic brush strokes and emotive textures seen on the OnePlus 3, or the 5T’s vibrant, abstract close-ups. Making iconic wallpapers are no easy task, but wallpaper artist, Hampus Olsson, has lived up to the challenge, time and time again.

For Hampus, his inspiration comes from many directions. Talking about his inspiration for his creative forms, he said, “I’ve always had a creative mind. As a child, I used to paint and craft, when I was six, I made my first couple of websites and games. Being able to create things out of nothing has always felt so nice to me. I get inspired by trying out new kind of art forms and new ways of being creative, it inspires me to come up with something challenging and different from what I used to do. I take inspiration from old progressive jazz-rock music, fashion/art magazines, shapes in nature, seeing things from another perspective, visiting new places on earth, antiques, Asian art culture and experimenting with new techniques and mediums.”

His favorite creative artist is James Jean. According to him, the way he comes up with such detailed, abstract and emotional artworks is very inspirational. Some of the other artists he admires include Dan McPharlin, Katsushika Hokusai, Michael Cina, Vania Zouravliov and Michael Page.

OnePlus wallpaper designer

Talking about his evolution with OnePlus wallpapers, he said, “The first set of wallpapers I made for OnePlus 2 featured a clean, fluid art style with layered colored elevations reaching far into the abyss. The wallpapers made a great impact and stood out from the crowd of other phone wallpapers.”

“For the OnePlus X, I started experimenting with paint. We had a unique concept for this model where we wanted the wallpapers to form an X shape. The liquid metallic-style wallpapers were chosen as default, while the other more experimental ones featuring paint were chosen for the gallery.” He added.

He further said, “For the next model, OnePlus 3, I went a step further and made a bunch of acrylic brush strokes and placed it into a 3D space, to form the shape of a mountain. I also started playing around with some new color combinations that I hadn’t used before. With these new wallpapers, I found a style I felt comfortable with and wanted to bring with me to other artworks. The 3T model got a similar treatment as the OnePlus 3, but with a warmer and more intense touch. The other wallpapers included in the gallery were very abstract and colorful. This was because of my visit to Paris, where I found great inspiration and decided to go back to traditional methods of painting. In Paris, there are a lot of great art material shops, so I got myself a bag full of acrylics, inks, and mediums, went back to my rented apartment and painted so many paintings they covered the whole floor. I literally had to jump around to get around.”

OnePlus 6

For him, the wallpaper of the OnePlus 5 was another shift in style and featured a floating object with a plain background. He had created a bunch of macro photographs of ink together with his dad, which formed incredible shapes on its own. Some of these photographs were used in parts of the wallpapers for OnePlus 5 to add a fluid feel.

When asked him that what is in his mind regarding the upcoming OnePlus 6 wallpapers, he said, “With the OnePlus 6 wallpapers, I’ve brought with me what I’ve learned along the way. The new wallpapers feature a clean, fluid style with mountainous depths… if I were to compare the new wallpapers with the first ones I made for OnePlus, I would say the new ones are more vibrant, and hold a better, more suitable composition to reveal.”

Hampus Olsson is a Swedish artist who currently resides in Goa, India. In addition to making wallpapers, he designs websites, illustrations, branding, games, apps, and fashion. He also gives art direction to some of the most influential e-commerce stores in Sweden.