Anushka Sharma’s second production, Phillauri released worldwide on March 24, 2017. The romantic comedy which revolves around a friendly ghost, Shashi has already gained everybody’s attention. The main reason for the buzz around Phillauri is the unique and fun story and the way in which it was marketed. Bollywood films these days have a fixed marketing strategy where stars increase Twitter presence before the release and make appearances at malls, colleges, etc. 2017 has already seen its share of promotions with Shah Rukh Khan’s appearances for Raees and Akshay Kumar’s college visits for Jolly LLB 2. However, Phillauri has a marketing strategy that is fresh and is the perfect mixture of online and offline marketing that has managed to keep Phillauri as one of the most talked about topic in the recent times. Phillauri Celeb Review: Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh’s film bowls over Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt and other Bollywood celebs.

Phillauri, which stars Anushka Sharma as the friendly ghost Shashi, also stars Diljit Dosanjh and Suraj Sharma in the lead roles. The movie began marketing the movie online with the social media campaign #ShashiWasThere and went on to enter the field of offline marketing. While the stars of the film made their mandatory appearance on TV shows like The Kapil Sharma Show, Anushka Sharma and team did not stop there. From setting up India’s first 3d projector in theatres to sharing Anushka Sharma’s telephone number, the marketing team at Fox Star Studios did it all to make sure that the movie created a buzz. As we await the box office result of the hard work, here is a look at all the different marketing strategy of Phillauri.

1. Social Media Campaign, #ShashiWasThere

Pehle Sher Ke Saath Fasa Phir Ek Bhoot Ke Saath. Thank God main Khunkhar nahin, friendly hoon. #ShashiWasThere 👻 #SurajSharma

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The marketing of Phillauri began with the social media campaign, #ShashiWasThere. Various images with superimposed edits of actress Anushka Sharma as Shashi, the friendly ghost, began circulating on the social media long before it s release. While the first picture that Anushka herself shared was the picture following the Oscar debacle, fan made pictures have flooded the internet platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. #Shashi WasThere already has more than 10000 pictures which are made by fans as well as the movie makers. The edits include everything from pictures of Shashi at people’s weddings to edits of Shashi aka Anushka Sharma with her boyfriend, Virat Kohli. The campaign played a key role in increasing people’s interest in the movie as each edit was funnier that the previous ones. Anushka Sharma’s witty captions for the official #ShashiWasThere photos also played a key role in the success of this strategy. Anushka Sharma is always around Virat Kohli! #ShashiWasThere memes of Virat-Anushka are taking over the internet!

2. Offline Promotions

As per the usual trend, Anushka Sharma and the cast of Phillauri made their television visits on shows like The Kapil Sharma Show, Rising Star, etc. However, the team of Phillauri also set up offline booths where people could meet Shashi! Fox Star Studios used 3D holographic projection in various theatres in Mumbai where Anushka Sharma’s 3d image was seen floating around the box, making conversations with the cinema goers. A never-done-before use of technology in Bollywood, the team shared the entire process of the set up as well as people’s reaction on their YouTube channel making it a fun experience for fans worldwide. This unique strategy is a work of genius as the 3d image looks exactly like a ghost and spooks people before making them laugh!

3. Word Of Mouth Marketing

The best form of marketing for any product has been word of mouth. And Phillauri has made sure that positive things about the movie are being discussed both on the internet as well as offline. With the impressive online campaign, fans could not stop themselves from sharing their own edits and shares of #ShashiWasThere, increasing the reach of the team. Moreover, the offline appearances of the 3D hologram has aroused the interest of various people who are surprised by this unique way of marketing and the discussion around Phillauri have been increasing. The positive B-town review of the movie has only acted as the cherry on the cake and fans of the actors as well as the movie cannot wait to watch the comedy in theatres!

4. Star Ambassadors like Shah Rukh Khan and Kapil Sharma

Every movie requires its star ambassadors, and Phillauri roped in superstar Shah Rukh Khan as well as Comedy Kind Kapil Sharma for the job. The unique videos of both Kapil and Shah Rukh meeting Shashi have taken the internet by a storm. While Kapil Sharma’s video was cute and loved by his fans, Shah Rukh Khan’s video of meeting Shashi in Mannat and promoting the release of the movie has been loved by the majority of people. The videos made these stars an ambassador of sort for the movie and also helped to increase the discussion. Because when Shah Rukh Khan asks you to go to the theatres and watch Phillauri, you wouldn’t really want to say no! Shah Rukh Khan meets Shashi aka Anushka Sharma in Mannat! Watch Phillauri’s hilarious promotional video!

These strategies by the movie makers and the marketing teams have been extremely well thought and play a key role in the success of the film. Phillauri was made on a comparatively low budget of Rs 21 crore and has already earned Rs 12 crore from its songs and movie rights. However, the box office success of this movie will seal the argument that social media strategies play a critical role in the success of these multiplex films. The movie has a fresh concept as per Bollywood, and the efforts of the makers of the movie will surely pay off thanks to the genius brains behind the marketing. An important thing to remember here is that Phillauri did not come with any shocking revelations or rumours associated. In fact, when boyfriend Virat Kohli’s name was being associated with the production of the movie, Anushka Sharma was the first to speak out and shut the trolls down. The success of Phillauri may, therefore, promise a new promotional strategy for Bollywood, one with less drama and more innovation.