Pizza Hut manager fired for using kitchen sink as toilet - Watch video!

Whether you love pizza or not, you will definitely think twice before eating at a Pizza Hut outlet again! Especially if it’s a particular joint at Charleston town in West Virginia in the US.

That’s because this Pizza Hut’s franchise’s manager decided to extract some privileges for his position. In a shocking video on YouTube, the man is seen conveniently peeing in the kitchen sink! What’s more, he is casually multi-tasking along the way.

While answering nature’s call is not wrong, doing it in a place where utensils are washed is something that adults will not do – however urgent the call! The employee has now been fired and the Pizza Hut fast-food restaurant in question has been shut temporarily for cleaning it out for obvious health hazard.

Check out video: Pizza Hut manager fired peeing in kitchen sink

Photo and video courtesy: YouTube