Mumbai woman Dolly Singh is defying stereotypes by bending it like a boss. Breaking preconceived notions that only slim people are fit, Singh’s online yoga tutorials are watched by plenty. Her online fitness videos that promote body positivity are quite a hit on social media. Her yoga positions are a proof that size won’t be a barrier in learning yoga. The 34-year-old was asked to shed weight by a doctor due to an ankle sprain, four years ago. Singh, who is 4 feet 11 inches weighed almost 90 kilograms at the time. Following which she got a trainer and started to help her reduce weight however she got bored of the routine exercises eventually and decided to try yoga.

“The first class I was thinking ‘Can I really do this because I have a big body?’ After two or three class I realised people were looking at me and thinking ‘Oh my god she can do this’. My body had a certain kind of stamina, of flexibility,” AFP quoted her as saying. However, she realised there were limitations to these classes and resorted to her laptop to learn yoga from online fitness videos. Explaining her initial yoga training, she said, “We all have different bodies and if my teacher doesn’t have a belly, how will they know what the problems are of having a big belly. I’m a big busted person and if the teacher isn’t how are they going to understand that when I’m doing a Halasana (plough pose) I’m almost choking to death!”

Dolly then started to record her progress to constantly monitor it later which she later began to upload on her Instagram page. Sing who works for a TV Channel in Mumbai does “routine sequences on weekdays and try new postures on weekends in parks in Bandra. Singh who currently weighs 73kg is challenging norms is aiming for a strong body and not to become thin. 15-year-old Lizzy Howell is inspiring people with her breathtaking ballet dance and the reason is unique

Here are some of her yoga pictures on Instagram:

Singh has been a victim of body shaming multiple times online. Soon after her videos reached a mass audience she was flooded with messages from foreigners at first and later from Indian women complimenting her. However, she says not everyone has been encouraging in her journey. She says, “Indian men have not been encouraging at all. A lot of people would say nasty things like ‘You’re just a fat blob, you look just like an elephant, or you’re unfit or it’s because you’re eating so much food. I completely ignore these things. You can’t fight internet trolls. I don’t know these people so why should it bother me?” (Image- Dolly Singh Instagram)