Viral prank

Students at a college got together and managed to play a trick on their professor, who imposed a rule in class – by simply letting that rule backfire!

What they didn’t know was that the feat, caught on camera, would be watched by millions across the world, and be touted as the best April Fools day prank ever.

The prank, captured by a student in class at the Aquinas College, US, was uploaded to Youtube on the 5th of April. It has seen been viewed almost four million times, and shared on various sites.

The prank was staged by the students of a macroeconomics class, which was conducted by their professor Stephen Barrows. The professor in question was known for having a unique cellphone policy. If any student’s phone would ring during his class, the incoming call would have to be answered by them. Not only that, the student also has to take the call on speakerphone.

The students were obviously miffed by this rule, and one girl decided that she would use it to trick the professor on April Fools day. Professor Barrows was about to find out that the joke was not on the student, but on him!

Class was going on as usual, when suddenly a student, Taylor Nefcy, has her phone ring in class. This prompts the unsuspecting professor to apply the rule to her, which she agrees to.

However, what he does not know is that the students have arranged for a friend to call her, and announce that she was pregnant.  So, Nefcy pretends to take the call.

The caller introduces himself as ‘Kevin from the Pregnancy Resources Centre’ and just after, there is an awkward silence. Then the caller tells Nefcy that the results of her pregnancy test were positive.

The visibly shocked professor does not know how to react, and in the spur of the moment, tells the student to end the call. “You might want to shut that down,” he said.

The student does not do so, however. The caller, ‘Kevin’, then congratulates her on the pregnancy and assured her of support from the resource centre, since “the father is no longer in the picture”.

At this time, the professor is visibly embarrassed and looks at the other members in class. When the girl ends the call, he goes on to apologise to her because she answered it on speakerphone.

Professor Barrows said to her, “Hey, I want to publicly apologize. I’m very sorry.”

But even as he says this, she interrupts him and tell him that she had been expecting the news. She also added that she knew what she was going to name the unborn child.

“The first name will be April, and the middle name will be Fools,” she says to her professor, and almost immediately a wave of laughter fills the classroom.

It took the professor a moment to get the joke, and when he did he burst into laughter too. Hiding his face behind  a sheet of paper, he then smiled in relief and said, “I will treasure that.”

The students then told him to look at the camera, placed to catch his reaction.