Priyank Sharma’s new music video song ‘Buzz’ which was released on April 12 has crossed over eight million views and 158 likes in just two days. Big Boss 2 contestant Priyank Sharma has collaborated with rapper Badshah and singer Aastha Gill for the song. In the music video, Priyank Sharma is seen romancing Aastha girl on a slow romantic song. Aastha’s sexy voice and Badshah’s catchy rap has made the song chart’s topping number. In the video, Priyank is also seen flaunting some smooth dance moves in open denim jacket. Earlier in an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Priyank spoke about the collaboration and the music video and he said, “When I was offered the song, I knew instantly that it is going to be huge because of its beats. I’m done with the reality show format for the moment and wanted to experiment. A music video is a great platform and one can’t ask for anything better than getting to share the screen with Aastha and Badshah. Aastha has killed it and while working with her, I understood why DJ Wale Babu was such a hit.”

In a statement, Aastha Gill shared her excitement about the music video and said, “I am so excited, today is a big day for me, it’s my dream come true. My fans have been very encouraging and my team at Sony Music have been my pillars through this journey. This is just the beginning, there will be a lot more music this year.”

Take a look at the music video

Aastha gill and Badshah has earlier also collaborated for the songs such as ‘Dj Wale Babu’, ‘Happy Happy’ and ‘Abhi Toh Party’ and now duo is back with the music video ‘Buzz’. This is the very first time for Priyank Sharma to feature in a music video along with Aastha Gill and Badshah. The music video is released by Sony Music India.