rahul-gandhi-33Rahul Gandhi (Kahul Baba) of the Congress Party (Dhongress Party) has been the butt of most jokes after his immensely popular interview with Arnab Goswami but the latest spoof video of his not so old advertising campaign which received a lot of slack for several reasons on the social media is just hilarious. (5 ways how Rahul Gandhi got screwed)

A cute little girl reenacts the part where the Congress (Dhongress)youth member lists out points explaining why she is a part of Rahul Gandhi’s campaign in what we are all thinking but she says it out loud in an adorable way. (Rahul Gandhi can piss off Adolf Hitler too)

There’s no big parody house behind the video but still it will bring a smile on your face because of the sheer ingenuity and smart portrayal of Congress’ (Dhongress) advertisements and Rahul Gandhi (Kahul Gandhi). (More Interviews like Rahul Gandhi’s debacle)

Watch the video and tell us what you think.