The Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi became the butt of all jokes on the micro-blogging site, Twitter , after he claimed that his official account was hacked. The result of it was Rahul Gandhi was topping the trend charts on Twitter, yet again! There were several tweets put out from his official (verified) Twitter handle which were not only demeaning, but also abusive. Not only there were awful tweets posted, but also Gandhi’s profile – bio – was changed.

The Congress party took no time in making a mountain of a mole and took a jibe at government’s Digital India initiative leveling accusations in context to cyber-security. Congress also raised questions on the digital safety of all Indians. (ALSO READ: Rahul Gandhi’s verified twitter account hacked, abusive comments posted)

The Twitterati were all gung-ho about the episode and in no time the news of Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account being hacked, was a matter of laughing stock on the social media. Gandhi’s account was hacked around 8.45 PM and some messages with abuses were posted, but these were deleted soon thereafter. Gandhi’s office confirmed the development and said that efforts were being made to rectify the problem.

We take a look at some of the funny tweets which were posted by users online:

1. Twitter Died

2. Perhaps, the inner voice got mischievous?

3. Is ChhotaBheem the culprit?

4. Mumma’s boy down with aspirations!

5. Rahul Gandhi vs hacker be like..

6. Thought 2016 was over? NO!

7. Even Jawaharlal Nehru & Mahatma Gandhi couldn’t hold back.

8. After RaGa, next in line?

9. Peace-out!

However, it (hacking) remains a matter of grave concern for the netizens.