rahul-gandhiSince 2004, when Rahul Gandhi got elected as an MP, Rahul Gandhi may have addressed or rather acknowledged the media but in the decade when he has been in the Congress party, this is the first time he faces a face to face interview. Modi, 1984 riots and even his schooling records came under the scrutiny based on allegations and pressing issues that pertain to the Congress leader and he gives very interesting answers.

Here’s Part 1 of the debate

Here are the most vital points from the interview.

Rahul Gandhi’s ambiguity

To the question of how wholesale price index of food can rise by 157%, vegetables by 350% and Onions by 521%, Rahul Gandhi says that “women are the backbone of this country and women need to be empowered”.

What the hell is Rahul Gandhi thinking to be saying such things to obviously deflect the issue with such moronic vagueness?

Rahul Gandhi apparently likes dealing with difficult and tough issues

What a joke, if he can deal with difficult and tough issues then why does he stick his head between his legs whenever someone asks him if he is open to a debate with Narendra Modi?

 Rahul Gandhi on the 1984 Sikh Riots issue

Rahul Gandhi tried to deflect the 1984 Sikh Riots issue by trying to dissolve the argument by first praising the Sikhs and said that he doesn’t hold the community responsible for the evil acts of 2 people.

He tried to downplay the blame on the party by admitting the role of “some Congressmen” in the riots.

I guess all is well as he doesn’t hold a grudge against the Sikh Community so people shouldn’t hold a grudge against the untold loss of life and property due to the direct or indirect actions of the Indian National Congress.

Rahul Gandhi takes pot shots at Narendra Modi

 Trying to draw a contrast between the 2002 Gujarat riots and 1984 Anti Sikh riots, he accused the Modi government of being involved in the formulation and abetting the riots, without any proof of course, whereas his family’s Congress party and its members tried to stop the riots in 1984.

Rahul Gandhi on PM candidature

Who else can the Congress choose other than the ‘Chosen One’? Rahul Gandhi goes on and on about how the candidate is chosen after detailed processes and if he is the choice after those ‘processes’ are completed than he will respect the process.

What a load of futile comments to beat around the bush by without saying that it is all set come what may.

Why is Rahul Gandhi avoiding a direct confrontation with Narendra Modi?

Rahul Gandhi starts off very philosophically saying that to understand that, one need s to understand who Rahul Gandhi is and what circumstances have been.

What circumstances, as Rahul Gandhi is a self-made man who has risen from the underbelly of society to the pinnacle of Indian politics? Having done nothing even remotely close to any of that, the only thing missing is a throne and a crown but will that circumstance be much too obvious even by Rahul Gandhi’s vagabond answers?

Throw a question with big words that Rahul can’t really comprehend and his answer is…

“I think the women of the country need to be empowered, the youth needs to be empowered.”

Thanks Rahul, for such a lovely time listening to you babble on about yourself in third person and cribbing about how the answers you had learnt by-heart for the interview weren’t asked.