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He is a complete package, has got the looks and almost everything what it takes to charm the audience. Ranveer Singh born on July 6, 1985,  who always appears peppy be it on-screen or off-screen is one of the complete entertainers amongst the new crop of Bollywood. As the nonchalant actor turns 29, here are some of his interesting quotes:

In praise of his bubbly co-actor and ex-lover Anushka Sharma

“I miss her (Anushka) tremendously. She is full of love. Too many people have misunderstood her. Too many people just don’t get where she is coming from and the kind of person that she is. She is one of the purest and honest people I have ever met. I get angry when I read negative articles about her. It infuriates me more than my own negative articles.”

His strategy

“My ambition was always to bag a lead role in a film and hence I refrained from doing any ads, TV serials, music videos as I felt that a fresh face always works much better. It was a gamble and I took that gamble telling myself that I will give it my all to bag a lead role.”

His aim

“I want to be super successful by 35, be based out of Goa, have a few vintage vehicles in the garage, a few kids playing on the lawn… I could see myself retire by 35. Or maybe do one movie a year. But I need to be the king of my castle before I get there.”

He is not choosy at all

“When it comes to script sense, I have none. I tend to go by instinct; I’m actually drawn to directors whose work I’ve seen before.”

And all eyes on lady love Deepika

I knew she (Deepika) will be easy to work with, but you can’t get your eyes off the screen when you are looking at her. I love what I see. I only watch Deepika when I see the monitor.”

Photo Credits: Official Facebook Fanpage of Ranveer Singh